Hand & Wrist

Healing Hands with Precision Care

Our hands are expressive, complex and delicate. With 27 interlocking bones in each, ligaments to connect them all, and muscles and tendons to move them, there's unfortunately a lot that can go wrong. Their precise structure requires an equally meticulous surgical and therapeutic approach. You can get that at CNOS.

From sprains to fractures, nerve compressions to bone abnormalities, our hand and wrist surgeons take a precise, yet personalized approach to treatment. Working closely with anesthesiologists, specialty nurses, rehabilitation therapists and pain management physicians, our integrated care teams work to restore function for patients at any age.

Finding a Hand and Wrist Specialist

When choosing a hand specialist, look at the doctor’s experience and certifications. These demonstrate the doctor has the necessary training and skills to provide specialized hand and wrist care. Dr. Manon-Matos is a board-certified surgeon who is also fellowship-trained in hand surgery specifically. This means he has specialty training to treat complex hand and wrist ailments, including:

  • Tendon or muscle problems causing painful contractions or swelling like tendinitis, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, Volkmann’s ischemic contracture, or compartment syndrome
  • Joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or degenerative joint disease
  • Trauma from animal bites, crushed digits, and broken or fractured hands and wrists
  • Or problems affecting nerves or skin in the arm like Dupuytren’s contracture, carpal tunnel, complex regional pain syndrome, radial nerve disorder, and distal median nerve disorder

Certified Hand Therapists

For rehabilitation, you'll want a healing expert at your side. We have a Certified Hand Therapist (CHTs) on our rehabilitation team to help. Certified by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, Angie Reinhardt has at least three years of clinical experience and more than 4,000 hours in dedicated hand therapy to qualify—a further testament to the quality of our hand and wrist team.

If you’re experiencing hand or wrist pain, see a CNOS specialist for diagnosis, preventative care and treatment.

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