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Joint Replacement

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Joint Replacement Services at CNOS

Restore Joint Mobility with Expert Care

You can’t ignore joint problems. You feel them with every step, every lift or bend. Our team of specialty physicians make us one of the most experienced centers for joint care in the Midwest. We help patients restore normal function to hips, knees, necks, shoulders, and all your body’s joints.

CNOS orthopaedic surgeons have undergone extensive specialty training for unique regions of the body like hand and wrist or spines, but they come together to treat the whole body. No matter where it hurts, our teams utilize their vast experience, advanced technology and proven surgical techniques to recommend treatments with the least amount of complications.

We can help treat:

  • Rheumatoid or osteoarthritis
  • Cartilage or ligament conditions
  • Revision or minimally invasive surgery
  • Partial or total joint replacements

CNOS offers Joint Camp to patients!

We want you to heal as quickly as possible and prevent complications. That’s why we offer free Total Joint classes to all new patients undergoing a total hip or knee replacement. You’ll learn how to make this surgery successful and avoid complications—and you can often get your lab work done in the same visit.

Joint Camp Live: Posterior Hip Replacement Video

Joint Camp Live: Total Knee Replacement Video 

Joint Camp Live: Anterior Hip Replacement Video

High-Quality, Individualized Care from Your CNOS Team

Our compassionate, team-based approach ensures you’re taken care of. We’ll create a customized recovery plan that’s shared amongst your extended care team. CNOS physicians, surgeons, nurses and therapists all work together for high-quality, personalized care that focuses on the least invasive treatments first.

If you want relief from joint pain, see a CNOS specialist for diagnosis, preventative care and treatment.

CNOS Joint Replacement Clinic Locations

The following CNOS clinics offer joint replacement surgeries in communities throughout Siouxland. Find a clinic near you to visit with an orthopaedic surgeon.