Bracing & Medical Equipment

Prevent Pain with Durable Medical Equipment

Your best recovery requires professional, proven equipment. The durable medical equipment (DME) available through CNOS will help treat and prevent pain from injuries as well as health conditions.

Whether athletic or work-related, an injury shouldn’t hold you back from doing what you love. Visit our expert physicians for:

  • A personalized diagnosis
  • The right equipment for your situation
  • A professional fitting
  • Education on how to work the product into your life

We work with most insurance companies to make sure you get the equipment you need, so you can get back to life as usual. See how our services can improve your health.

Featured Equipment

Bone-Growth Stimulators

Improve difficult-to-heal fractures with bone growth stimulation. This advanced technology provides a low electrical current or ultrasound to your fracture, promoting bone growth. CNOS teams are fully trained in this enhanced recovery method, and have everything you need to make your best recovery.

Knee & Elbow Braces

After an injury, some treatments require that your joints stay within a certain range of motion to avoid further pain. CNOS provides elbow and knee braces to help these conditions.

  • Hinged elbow brace: reduces elbow motion
  • Hinged knee brace: reduces knee motions
  • Functional knee brace: designed to substitute damaged ligaments

These braces are commonly prescribed for athletes, but can be used for a variety of injuries.

Pediatric Bracing

Children grow and develop much differently than adults, which means their treatments should, too. Our experts take a multidisciplinary approach to provide each child with a personalized solution. Then, we’ll give you everything you need to know about how these treatments fit into your life, as well as how we’ll adjust them as conditions change and improve.

Wrist & Hand Splints

Stabilize your wrist or hand with a splint that helps improve everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to sprains. Our hand and wrist experts will find your perfect fit to support, correct, or prevent deformities, as well as align body structures for functional improvement.

DME Product Lines

Our durable medical equipment comes from proven, professional brands that you can trust. It’s all part of our commitment to improving your health.

  • Ossur
  • Breg
  • FLA Orthopedics
  • Sof Sole
  • Superfeet
  • DJO
  • Drive
  • Hely Weber
  • North Coast
  • Dr Jill
  • Townsend
  • Orthosleeve
  • Handlab

Your best care and fastest recovery needs the best equipment. Get what you need at CNOS.