CNOS Physician Assistant, Trae Bergh, speaks on sports physicals and how to be prepared, what to expect, and why it is important for your child or athlete

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – As kids head back to school, be prepared for yours to come home saying he or she wants to try a school sport.

Depending on what Siouxland state you live in, you will need a different form to get your child a preparticipation physical exam, but the exam is basically the same no matter where you go.

“They’re really going to do a head-to-toe exam on your child or your athlete, and that’s making sure that everything’s is functioning well. There’s the heart’s beating well, that they’re breathing well, there are no issues in their stomach. And then also, they’re doing this kind of a sport screen as far as making sure their bones and joints work and everything, that there’s not any obvious issue that would cause them to get injured later on,” said Trae Bergh, CNOS Physicians Assistant.

For example — if your child has a heart murmur or has experienced multiple concussions, the physician might only clear him or her for a noncontact activity versus football or hockey.

It is important to note there is a difference between an annual wellness exam and a preparticipation physical.

“The sports physical and what we’re doing there is we’re focusing more on their activities for participation. So are they cleared to participate in sports, they won’t be focusing on you know, their height to weight their BMI as much as your annual well-child visits, so it’s important to still keep those to stay updated with those visits,” said Bergh.

Bergh said one sports physical will clear your child for the whole year.

These are the forms for IowaNebraska, and South Dakota.

Usually, insurance does not cover the cost of a sports exam. So expect a one-time out-of-pocket cost starting around $25, depending on where you go.

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