CNOS Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Phinit Phisitkul speaks on treating and correction of both bunion and hammertoe, which are both visable foot conditions

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Pain, discomfort, and difficulty wearing shoes are the effects of living with a bunion or hammertoe, both common and visible foot conditions.

“A bunion is just a prominence on the inside aspect of the foot, like a bulging at the joint that is called the first metatarsal filing joint. The hammer toe is on the lesser toes, it usually deformity, the toes bend, the tip of the toes are digging down, the top of the toes are chopped, digging up against the shoes causing discomfort and pain,” said Dr. Phinit Phisitkul, an orthopedic surgeon with CNOS.

Dr. Phisitkul says bunions and hammertoes are caused by genetics and activities, along with wearing narrow, tight shoes and high-heels. But both conditions can be treated effectively with minimally invasive surgery.

“Less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, faster recovery because we do minimal damage to bone and soft tissue — things heal pretty quickly and then allow treatment to be more successful because you can decide a correction in a way that open surgeries cannot do,” said Dr. Phisitkul.

Dr. Phisitkul says there is no effective non-surgical treatment for either bunions or hammertoe. While you risk nerve damage or inadequate correction from minimally invasive surgery, the benefits include being able to get directly back on your feet.

Dr. Phistikul has blog posts on bunions and hammertoes that further explain treatment and each condition.

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