The Morning of Your Procedure

Please do not eat or drink anything – not even juice, coffee, water, or gum. Your doctor may allow you to drink before your procedure but will provide specific instructions to you.

Do NOT shave any hair at the surgical site the night prior to the procedure. This can increase the risk of infection.

Prescribed medications

Continue to take all your usual medications in their usual doses. If you normally take any medications for blood pressure or heart problems in the morning, these can be taken with a small sip of water on the morning of your surgery.

Coumadin (Please confirm these instructions with your surgeon)
If you take Coumadin (a type of blood thinner), we will frequently suggest that you discontinue this medication 5 days prior to your operation. Only discontinue this following the specific instructions of your doctor.

Plavix (Please confirm these instructions with your surgeon)
This medication should be discontinued one week prior to surgery. Please check with you doctor for specific instructions.


Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please leave jewelry and valuables at home.


You MUST have a responsible adult available to drive you home following your procedure. Due to anesthesia considerations, you also need to have a responsible adult available at home that evening.

Dental Procedures

Please avoid any dental work (Cleaning, Crowns, etc.) for one week prior and three weeks following your operation.