The World Health Organization put migraines as one of the ten most disabling illnesses on earth. Worse yet, Migraine and Headache affect someone in one out of every four households. The struggle of living with these conditions can feel like an uphill battle, but there are options for treatment. 

At CNOS, board-certified neurologist, Dr. Mei He, is optimistic for the future of patients dealing with Migraines and Headaches.

“Migraine and Headache are very common neurological conditions, there are more evaluation and treatment we can do for those patients now compared to years, even months ago,” said Dr. He. “The BOTOX injection became available for chronic, severe migraine patients in 2010, and I have been doing this procedure since then with a good migraine improvement rate. About 70 to 80% of the time the patient’s migraine showed significant improvement, and the treatment gave them more migraine-free days.”

Mei He

Types of Treatment for Painful Headaches

BOTOX injections can treat painful headaches and migraines. This is in fact the same BOTOX used for years to treat wrinkles. BOTOX works by relaxing muscles and blocking signals from nerves. This helps with anti-aging but also has a nice side effect of relieving migraines and headaches.

The BOTOX treatments are not the only ones Dr. He is excited about:

“There were 3 new migraine prophylaxis medications approved by FDA within the last two years, and 2 new acute migraine medications were approved since last year with good benefit for migraine control and fewer side effects.”

The CNOS team is dedicated to providing you with the expertise you need to live a better, longer, improved life without painful tension. If you are struggling with Migraine and/or Headache, call CNOS today at 605-217-2667 to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options. If you would like to see Dr. He, she is seeing patients at our Dakota Dunes and Morningside locations and also in Wayne, NE, at Providence Medical Center.