Weight Loss Surgery is not a quick fix, it is a journey you will continue for life. Our team will be here for you, providing care and support resources along the way.

How is my life going to change after weight loss surgery?


When we talk to patients about their reasons for wanting to have surgery and their goals, improving their health seems to be the #1 priority. Between the tool of weight loss surgery and the patient following a healthier lifestyle, improved health is certainly the ultimate goal. Below is an image that shows improvements to common obesity-related health issues.

graphic of overweight female

Physical Mobility

Patients state that, not only are they more active after surgery, but that they have less joint pain. From everyday moving about to engaging in physical activity, patients state that their overall mobility improves greatly after weight loss surgery.

Increased Energy

The most common phrase patients use when describing their energy level after weight loss surgery is, “ I have more energy than I know what to do with”. Why is this? First off, patients are carrying around a lot less weight. Secondly, if the patient is following a healthy diet and the recommended supplement regimen, proper nutrition gives the patient a great deal of energy.

Quality of Life

It’s the little things that really seem to add up for patients after weight loss surgery. On a daily basis we hear comments like:

“I can tie my shoes without feeling winded.”

“I can keep up with my children.”

“I do not have to contemplate whether I will be able to walk with my family at the Zoo/Amusement Park.”

“I can fit on the rides at the Amusement Park.”

“I do not get the stares and the whispers anymore when I walk into a room.”

“I do not have to worry about whether I will fit in certain furniture.”

“I do not has to ask for a seatbelt extender when I fly.”

“I actually enjoy traveling now, whereas in the past, I dreaded it.”

And the list goes on and on…..

How will CNOS be there for me?

CNOS is present in a variety of ways following weight loss surgery.

You will continue working with your Bariatric Surgeon, along with our Registered Dietitian and Registered Nurses. Not only is our team here to guide you with the lifestyle changes after surgery, but to provide you with the support necessary to be successful. Your surgeon will request that you have nutritional labs drawn yearly so that we can monitor your nutritional health for years to come. CNOS also has a Weight Loss Support Group in place to provide information, support, and a place to connect with others who have also undergone weight loss surgery. Our goal is to not just follow you for the first few months after surgery, but for the rest of your life, to support you with the changes necessary to be successful.