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Dr. Samuelson speaks on how some minimally invasive techniques, can great improve quality of life for those experiencing certain types of pain.

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Second-generation Siouxland surgeon Dr. Bill Samuelson specializes in helping people feel like themselves again.

”Many times it’s worse when standing and better when sitting, but sometimes it’s the opposite,” said Dr. Bill Samuelson, CNOS orthopedic surgeon. “And sometimes, people can have a pinched spinal cord, when that happens, sometimes people can kind of lose the ability to use their hands, sometimes their legs, and we do many nonoperative and operative treatments to help that.”

Dr. Samuelson said this could be a treatable pain that you don’t have to live with. If left untreated, it likely won’t do any major damage besides hinder your quality of life. Dr. Samuelson says the pain is typically caused in one of two ways.

“There are several parts of the spine that can enlarge as part of the arthritis process,” said Dr. Samuelson. “And that can lead to less room for nerves. Also, in younger patients, people can have, what’s called a disc herniation. And that’s where one of these spacers in between the vertebra, which is kind of a leather outer portion and a softer inner portion –you can get a crack in the leather outer portion and some of the softer inner portions can squeeze out and pinch one of the nerves and that can cause pain going down to arms or the legs.”

It can be treated with minimally invasive spinal surgery, or a fusion if needed. The minimally invasive surgery can have you back on your feet the same day.