Dr. Bissell speaks about common spring sports injuries and how to better determine if an athlete is experiencing soreness, or needs to visit with a medical professional.

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Spring sports are getting a running start. From soccer, to track, to baseball, athletes are heading back outdoors after the cold months.

Common, preventable injuries can take them off the field as quickly as they run on.

“With soccer, we do see some ACL injuries which can be devastating for an athlete and that is a that’s a common injury for soccer. For track, we see more overuse injuries such as stress fractures, or tendinitis. For softball and baseball, we do see some throwing overuse injuries such as rotator cuff tendinitis, impingement, UCL sprains, and strains,” said Dr. Bissell.

Dr. Benjamin Bissell, a doctor of orthopedic sports medicine at CNOS, said treatment for injuries can range from physical therapy to surgery, like for an ACL injury.

“With the prevention of some of the overuse injuries. It’s you know, getting in shape ahead of time, stretching, strengthening, and not building up too quickly. In other words, you know, gradually build up your running distances, gradually build up your hard-throwing and pitching,” said Dr. Bissell.

Dr. Bissell said one thing he wishes athletes would do is to focus on gradually building up activities instead of trying to jump back in after time off or stay active in the offseason. That rings true for the weekend warriors trying to train for a marathon or playing in a league.

The saying “push through the pain” only holds some truth.

“We expect to be a little tired, we expect our muscles to be sore, and that’s normal and it’s okay to push through that. But if you have a specific joint pain, or maybe a specific bone pain, that might be something you want to back off and either get evaluated or at least back off your in your training,” said Dr. Bissell.

Dr. Bissell said while you do run the risk of injury playing a sport, it is more important to be active for your overall health.

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