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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – It is that time of year to soak up the summer weather, but staying active on a hot day can increase people’s chance of a migraine. Playing sports, working outside for extended periods, and even enjoying a day by the pool can all trigger a migraine.

“Hydration is the biggest one… replenishing those electrolytes as well. Extremely important to one, get good rest, get good sleep. Two is, not fasting so making sure you get a good, you know, good breakfast, good food because that can often be a trigger as well,” said Maria Azpeitia, a CNOS nurse practitioner.

It is also recommended to take a single dose of pain medication before exercising, especially with aerobic activities.

If it gets to the point that over-the-counter pain medicine, shutting off the noise, and turning off the lights do not provide any relief — that’s a light bulb you need to visit your primary care physician.

“A lot of times finding triggers that can lower that threshold can determine that migraines love consistency, so sometimes I do tell people to keep track of their migraines. Whether changes can be a causative factor, you know, I have patients telling me ‘Hey, I know it’s going to rain today.’ You know once barometric pressure essentially drops that can be a trigger for headaches. Things like stress, reducing stress, stress is a big one for migraines too,” said Azpeitia.

There are other ways a medical professional can treat migraines outside of prescribed medication. Botox injections have been shown to block muscle activity. Physical therapy for neck pain can also provide relief.