CNOS Athletic Trainer, Savannah Dinger (Briar Cliff University), weighs in on how they ensure athletes stay safe and healthy during summer training.

Athletics in Siouxland are part of the fabric of our lives and  CNOS is making sure to keep it that way.

CNOS has long been committed to the care of high school and college athletes offering screenings, injury prevention, rehabilitation and physical therapy. But they’re also helping local athletes avoid injury in the first place.

With summer heat in full force, Savannah Dinger, Assistant Athletic Trainer at CNOS  and Briar Cliff University offers some advice on things to consider when training outdoors in the summer.

“Be sure to take lots of breaks and drink extra fluids beyond just water to hydrate.  You need to balance your electrolytes,” says Dinger. “Find ways to cool off during  your breaks with shade, cool water towels or hosing off.”


Dinger adds that if you’re competing in a helmet sport, it’s important to take off the helmet when you’re not actively participating in a drill.

“Above all, listen to your body,” says Dinger. “If you begin to feel light headed, clammy or nauseous, notify a coach immediately and remove yourself from that activity.”

Working with athletes in the summer – and all year round – aligns naturally with CNOS’s philosophy of improving health and improving the whole person through exercise,  nutrition, rehabilitation and medical intervention when it’s required.