CNOS Safety Measures

Providing quality care while maintaining your safety is a top priority at CNOS. Here are some of the safety measures put in place:

CNOS Safety Measures


Through these safety measures, CNOS has greatly reduced the risk of exposure. However, being exposed to COVID-19 is still possible due to uncontrollable factors. If a patient has knowingly been exposed or potentially exposed while at CNOS, CNOS will notify them within 4 hours of identification. CNOS recommends the patient self-monitor for symptoms and receives a COVID-19 test if/when symptoms occur.


If a patient is positive for symptoms of COVID-19, CNOS will refer them to their primary care physician and reschedule any appointments. *The patient will be cleared for treatment after 14 days of their positive COVID-19 diagnosis and at least 3 consecutive days free from symptoms. Patients must be able to present documentation of their positive test along with a date the test was performed.

At CNOS, you can move forward with safe treatment options.

*CNOS may recommend clearance from the patient’s primary care physician.