CNOS, a leading healthcare provider committed to delivering innovative and personalized care in Siouxland, is pleased to announce the addition of Semaglutide injections to its list of weight loss options. Semaglutide, a revolutionary medical weight loss option, is now available to non-diabetic patients seeking effective and sustainable solutions to manage their weight.

Dr. William Rizk, General Surgeon at CNOS, expressed enthusiasm about the new offering, stating, “We are excited to add another medical option to help fight the disease of obesity. We have been performing Weight Loss Surgery in Siouxland for over 35 years. In addition to the Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass, Semaglutide injections will be another medical option to help (non-diabetic) individuals fight the disease of obesity.”

Patients interested in exploring Semaglutide as a medical weight loss option at CNOS are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Dr. William Rizk or Dr. James Hegvik to determine if this treatment aligns with their individual health goals.

Please call 605-217-5511 or e-mail to schedule an appointment today.