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DAKOTA DUNES, SD (KTIV) – Several changes are coming to CNOS to provide more and better services for patients. This includes a new way for patients to check in and new facilities for one of its locations.

New Kiosk System

A new pilot program at CNOS allows patients to test out skipping the check-in line.

At the Dakota Dunes location, patients will see two kiosks when they walk into the waiting room. At those kiosks, you do the same thing you would do at the front desk: check in for your appointment.

The main benefit of these, the CNOS CEO says, is saving time.

“We’re piloting it right now, it is almost like an airport checking process where if you’ve registered online, you can actually come in, let us know that you’re here, and then go sit down and wait for your physician to come and see you without having to stand in lines and make things much more efficient and patient-friendly,” said Nolan Lubarski, CNOS CEO.

Lubarski says the point of the kiosks isn’t to eliminate those working the front desk but to keep the check-in process smooth for both patients and staff. He says if all goes well during the pilot process, these kiosks could be at the other CNOS locations next year.

Facility Additions

Health care services are also expanding at CNOS’ Dakota Dunes location.

A 6500-square-foot imaging center will add more MRI, CT scan, and DEXA scan support. The facility is also adding 40 additional parking spots to accommodate more patients and staff.

Lubarski says CNOS has seen an increase in patients this year and anticipates further growth.

“As we’ve been going through a couple of business transactions and growing our business at CNOS to better serve the community, we felt the influx of patients and people that have healthcare needs. And so, therefore, along with that comes the need for imaging and many other items that goes with it,” said Lubarski.

Lubarski says the expansion is expected to be complete on Jan. 11, 2023.

CNOS also has locations in South Sioux City, Nebraska and in the Morningside area. On the first of next year, Midlands Clinic will join the CNOS group, adding around 65 additional staff.

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