(DAKOTA DUNES, SD) – The many benefits of water have been known forever.

One Siouxland company is making the most of water to help heal patients.

CNOS offers aquatic therapy for those dealing with any number of ailments. Aquatic

therapy begins with a physician referral and an evaluation from a CNOS physical

therapist to determine if pool work is suitable for that individual patient.

“The buoyancy of water reduces the pressure on joints, helping to alleviate pain,” says

Jennifer Lauer PT, DPT, OCS at CNOS. “This helps the patient to move with greater

ease and less pain.”

In addition, Lauer sites many other advantages of aquatic therapy:

• Water buoyancy helps support balance and reduce fear and risk of falling.

• It reduces weight bearing cautions for those recovering from orthopaedic surgery.

• Water’s natural resistance improves strength.

• It improves mobility and can gradually increase range of motion.

• Hydrostatic pressure from water reduces swelling, improves circulation and

decreases pain.

Many can benefit from being treated in the pool. Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, sports

rehabilitation, neuro rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, balance training,

osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis are among some of the most common conditions.

Lauer emphasizes the importance of consulting with both your physician and CNOS

physical therapist to determine your best therapeutic approach.

“Sometimes we determine that the patient could benefit from land-based therapy

as well. So, there is an option to do a combination of land-based and pool-based

physical therapy.”

Physicians can refer directly to CNOS, and following a scheduled consultation, make

appointments for CNOS aquatic therapy to take place at the South Sioux City YMCA.

“We understand the many benefits aquatic therapy provides to our patients achieving

their optimal outcomes,” says Dr. Brandee Koedam, CNOS Therapy and Sports Medicine

Director. “With our YMCA partnership and their amazing pool facility, aquatic therapy is

now just another of many services CNOS therapy can offer the Siouxland community.”

For questions or further information, please contact Sarah Rol. 605-217-2608


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