Dr. Tibor Warganich, Orthopaedics

My experience with Dr. Warganich is one of the best medical experiences I’ve ever had. He took great care in repairing my hand in an injury. The surgery itself was absolutely perfect, and I don’t know that I could have gotten a better surgery anywhere in the world. His thoroughness to explain what he did anatomically really impressed me too, and I feel like I really have an understanding of what happened, what he did to repair, and how it healed. I was at a family event over the Thanksgiving and was explaining to my brother-in-law who is a doc what happened with my hand and how I’m healing and he was super impressed by the range of motion and success of healing. I said, “God was really looking out for me,” and he said, “That may be, but your hand surgeon was REALLY looking out for you!” We sure are lucky to have Dr. Warganich here in Siouxland.