Patient Portal Information Page

Your CNOS Patient Portal is a secure and comprehensive online communication tool which helps you and your health care provider(s) manage your health information. Through the Patient Portal, you will be able to submit request for appointments, registration & health history forms, non-urgent medical and billing questions, and pay bills.  Also, our staff and health care providers will be able to send your lab results, medical record information, patient education and replies to your requests.


Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding the CNOS  Patient Portal.  Please review the FAQ’s as they include instructions on how to access and download your health information into your Personal Health Record.

Download These FAQ and Instructions



Q: Who may join the Patient Portal?
A: Any CNOS patient may join the Patient Portal.


Q: Do I need to have a CNOS Patient Portal account in order to have online access to send and receive my health information from my provider and staff at the practice?
A: Yes, once you have activated your Patient Portal account, you will have access granted to communicate with our staff and providers securely and online.


Q: How do I get Patient Portal access?
A: Please call our office (605) 217-2667 and request to speak with a Portal Representative. Our Portal Representative will ask you for your up-to-date personal email address so we may send your Patient Portal Invitation with specific instructions on how to join the Patient Portal. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT provide a work email address for privacy reasons.

• Alternatively, you can also request the Patient Portal Invitation via email to
**Include your first & last name, date of birth, personal email address (not work) and a phone number in the email**


Q: After I activate my Patient Portal account, the system asks me to review and complete my demographic information. Do I need to complete this step?
A: Absolutely! This is a very simple task to complete because the majority of your demographic information will already be filled out for you. Please review this information and make the necessary changes to bring your demographics up-to-date.


cnos1Q: I am having problems logging in because I forgot my User ID and/or Password. What do I need to do?
A: Both your User ID and Password can be reset from the Patient Portal login page (see illustration below). If you have forgotten your User ID, please click on “Forgot Your User ID?” and if you forgot your password, please click on “Forgot Your Password?”


****If you still continue to have trouble logging in, please call the office 605-217-2667 for assistance****

Q: How do I find new and previous secure messages in my Patient Portal account?
A: Once you login to your Patient Portal account, you will be directed to the “My Patient Page”. On the My Patient Page, you will see a section called “View All Messages”. In this section click on the “Inbox” link to access all new and previous secure messages you have received from the practice: New Messages will appear in bold print.



Q: Can I send a secure message to CNOS staff using the Patient Portal?
A: Once you have activated your Patient Portal account, you will be able to send general, non-urgent questions to the practice staff using the following Patient Portal applications:



**If you are experiencing a medical emergency, do not use the Patient Portal to contact the office.  Please dial 911 for assistance**


Q: How do I download my updated health information my provider sends me?
A: When you receive email notification that you have received new health information from your provider, you will need to go to the CNOS website  and login in to the Patient Portal:



Click “View All Messages”

When you click on the View All Messages, select New Health Information Import:

Click on the green Review Health Information.  This will bring up your personal health information without having to log into the Personal Health Record View:

Example:  New Health Information

What you can view when you Launch Personal Health Record from the My Patient Page:


Click on Personal Health Record
This will direct you to your Personal Health Record. Once you are in your Personal Health Record, click on “View all Messages” to access your updated health information.


You will now see your most recent messages from your health care provider.  Messages with the subject “New Health Information Import” will include the most recent health information update from your provider.

Next, click on the subject “New Health Information” to see your message and then click on “Review Health Information”

You are now able to review the “Details” of your updated health information and download the “Contents” that make up your updated health information to your Personal Health Record by clicking on “Add to Health Record”: